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Frequently asked questions

You are encouraged to visit the nursery during our working day, have a look round and talk with the staff. You and your child can use free ‘taster sessions’ to help you both settle in to the surroundings. We operate an 'open house' policy - if you are not not sure or are concerned about anything please talk to a member of staff. Better to talk about it rather that let things fester.
By all means you can call in and see us. Someone will be on hand to show you round and see us 'warts and all'. Obviously, we would prefer if you contacted us to make an appointment so that we can manage the number of people looking round the nursery at any one time.
Clearly, we have organised our staff numbers around the number of children that should be in the nursery. We, also, understand that you are likely to take your child on holiday. To accommodate that, if you give us 4 weeks notice of an impending holiday, we will charge you half-price for up to 10 days holiday. Days off above that will be charged at the full rate.
Monthly in advance. We calculate the total cost for a term and divide that between the number of months. This means paying a set amount each month with no hidden surprises. Payment should be through your bank by either standing order or online/telephone banking. Please no cheques. We will provide you with our bank details.
Yes. Simply complete a registration form and indicate the voucher provider you are using. Please note you could have more that one provider.
Yes. If you are eligible, we accept 2 year funded places All 3 and 4 years are eligible for 15 hours of government funding per week for 38 weeks. If you are eligible, we accept 3 and 4 year olds that receive 24/30 hours per week of government funding for 38 weeks[/accordion-item]
Yes - the number of hours per week is then reduced.
No - however, because they could be involved in 'messy' activities, we recommend that your child does not come in best clothes. We try to have the children outside as much as possible and so appropriate clothing is required. We do have available all-in-one waterproof clothing. We ask that children bring with them a coat and wellingtons in the Autumn/Winter months and something to cover their arms, hat and sun cream in the warmer months. If your child is not yet potty trained we ask that you provide nappies/pull ups, wet wipes and nappy cream.
Depending on when your child is in the nursery, breakfast, lunch and tea will be provided. This is included in the fee. However, when government funding is used the meals are an additional cost. Babies are, also, provided with their meals. All meals are prepared on site by our very own qualified chef. Menus are provided on a rotational basis and take account of the recommended daily intake for children and are full of nutrition. Please let us know if your child has specific dietary needs. We have a food hygiene rating of 5/5, i.e. good.