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Children have access to beautiful indoor and outdoor environments all day long and all year round. They have long periods of time when they can learn both inside and outside through structured and independent play. At all times they children are carefully observed by our staff.

We ensure that the environments the children play in are well planned, organised and resourced with clean high quality resources to promote high quality engagement.

We are especially proud of our huge outdoor classroom with its stage, mud kitchen, sand area, paint marking area, garden and sensory area.

This area is continually being developed as we see that it is important that children are outside as much as possible – learning in the fresh air, learning through first-hand experiences and learning how to take ‘risks’ in a safe environment.

We offer sessions to enable parents to meet with their child’s key person to discuss the development of their child, and for those who would like support, there are training sessions for parents on issues, such as helping your child with phonics.

Research has shown that children at nursery age learn best through play, exploration, active learning and creating. At our nursery your child is provided with many different opportunities to learn in this way.

We believe that developing your child is about a partnership between you and our staff

Each child belongs to a ‘family group’ with a key person who looks after them and nurtures them.

The key person develops a curriculum around the interests of your child and they then get to know the family that supports your child and it becomes a 2-way method of communication.

What your child does with you we see just as important as what your child does with us.

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By working in true partnership with parents we aim to provide a stimulating and challenging environment which is a warm and friendly extension of home. It is a place where children and adults can explore, have fun, play talk and learn together as happy and confident and independent individuals within their community. We ask that the first time you bring your child to nursery you stay and play alongside your child’s key person. At this session it will be discussed with you what you think will be best for your child. For babies, we recommend coming in over a meal time and putting them to sleep here, so that the first time they do it here it is with you. This is a lovely time for parents and children to become totally familiar with the space both indoors and outdoors, the staff and the routine or for you to discuss your child’s routine if they are babies.

If all goes well, we invite the children to stay at nursery on their own, but of course, are very flexible with those children who need more time with parents. All children are different – some may settle in very quickly while others need a little more time. We acknowledge that this separation can be just as upsetting for the parents as it is for the children and so we offer comfort and patience to all during this transition time. Time spent on settling in is time well invested for the children’s security and confidence. We aim to make the experience for both child and parent as stress free as possible.

It is very important that children are collected on time, as searching the sea of faces for your mum or day, nana or granddad and finding no one there can be really upsetting when you’re only little. We ask that parents inform us of the people who are most likely to collect their child. In the interest of safeguarding all our children, we request parents provide a password for all adults to use when collecting children at the end of the session. Anyone the staff do not recognise will not be allowed to leave the building with a child, unless they provide the correct password.

Observing, assessing and recording children’s progress is the key to future planning in order to meet the needs of each child. These records are usually little stories that explain the child’s play and the learning involved. We use ‘snippets of learning’ that capture the many things we notice about the children and their progress.

These ‘golden’ moments are stored in a secure online learning journal called Tapestry where you have access to just your own child’s achievements. We upload pictures that show what your child has done and can do with comments. We encourage you to upload your own photographs of your child engaging in activities at home and to put your own comments.  Together we record your child’s ‘special moments’.

Every time Tapestry is updated with images for your child you will be notified via email. This gives you the opportunity to share your child’s time at nursery with them and other family members.

The journal is a very precious document to be treasured by families forever. When your child leaves they are presented with their individual learning journal on a CD in PDF format. They are presented with them at a special leavers concert on the last day of the summer term.