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Nursery to Expand

We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce that we have been given planning permission for our new under twos classroom.

The new classroom is being constructed off-site at Avalon Cabins, Colsterworth. When completed, the classroom will be delivered as three modules and then put together in two days! This will provide us with an extra 18 places and enable us to cope with the increase in demand for nursery places. As a consequence of this, we shall be appointing additional Key Workers to look after the children going into that classroom – if you are interested in finding out more details about these exciting new positions please see the employment opportunities in this website.

The conifer trees that blocked much of the light on the eastern side of the nursery have now been removed. What a positive impact that has had – more light, the illusion of more space and fantastic views that we had never seen before or appreciated!

The garden – our huge outdoor classroom – is almost ready for its makeover! Plans have been finalised and should be available to see at the nursery within the next week. We hope that people will like the new plans and they will certainly give our children the chance to be immersed in the outdoors and learn at the same time.

These are exciting times in the development of Beacon Lane Day Nursery. Our intention, as always, is to provide a premium service and to enable all the children to get the best possible start.