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100% of Parents/Carers are Happy

2015 Parent/Carer Satisfaction Report

Our recent parent/carer consultation has shown that 100% of parents/carers are happy with the nursery and would recommend us to someone else.

We would like to thank those who completed the survey and felt so positive about the nursery.

The graph below shows that the overwhelming majority are satisfied with the cleanliness, resources, staff interaction, care and the happiness of their child. However, we are not complacent and will continue to make improvements to the nursery to ensure that all of our children succeed and have the best possible start along the journey of life-long learning.


We have taken on-board some parental concerns over the cleanliness of the nursery. Children learn best through interactive play and by actively engaging in activities that are engaging and ‘hands-on’. Clearly, this will involve activities that are ‘messy’ in nature and so when parents call the rooms and out-door areas will be less than perfect – we believe that they should look ‘lived-in’ but made tidy for the start of the next day.

We have continued to improve the facilities that are provided at the nursery – some 12% of expenses has been spent on resources and development. Our intention is to continue to provide quality resources that enhance the learning and enjoyment of all the children at the nursery.

For those parents/carers (around 20%) who have indicated that they would like help in supporting their child’s development, we shall continue to provide opportunities for training sessions, for example helping parents/carers to support their children with phonics. It would be good to hear from parents/carers about the kinds of things they would like to see provided.

The graph clearly shows that that our staff is a key perceived strength of the nursery. We believe that they are key to the continued development of the nursery and are delighted that this is recognised by the overwhelming majority of parents/carers. We shall continue to invest in the professional development of our staff. In particular, the role of ‘key worker’ will be developed and their role more widely made known to parents/carers. In so doing, we aim to make clearer to parent/carers the next steps for their child.